Sog World map

current world map 18/11/12

Soul of guardian is still a work in progress. the map to the right is the current areas that are open to players.

In the below maps

  • Blue - portal to another map
  • Red - monster location
  • yellow - Npc location






Battlesoul villageEdit

Sog Battlesoul Village

Battlesoul village

The starting location for all new players.

Here quests will teach you how to navigate around the world, attack monsters, interact with NPC's, and gain and wear your first equipment.

Once you leave here there is not much reason to return.






Battlesoul CityEdit

Sog Battlesoul city

Battlesoul city

The main hub of the game.

Here you find quests and mini games to do, stores to repair your equipment or buy new equipment or Just go fishing.


  • Potion
  • Weapon
  • Armor
  • trinket

Special locationsEdit

  • Warehouse (item storage)
  • Spar exchange (trade blue and violet spar for epic items)
  • Honor exchange (trade honor from battlesoul Isle for items)
  • Transport (once over lv 50 you can use this NPC to move to other citys)
  • Fish exchage - exchange some fish for useful items.


all the below info can be found on your itinery, top right of page under dungeons tab


  • Exp dungeon/ predatory abyss(lv 30+ required) - gain exp here for your character up to 5 times a day
  • Stone golum (lv 35+ required) - gain exp and items (gems and runes) up to 2 times a day
  • Crazy chase/pet chase (lv 40+ required) - stop 3 levels of pets getting away and gain prizes
  • Prisoner escort (doubled at certain times of the day) - gain exp and battlesoul.
  • Single trial field (lv 50+ required). pit yourself vs NPCs (up to 3 at a time) and a timer for rewards

party (up to 4 players)

  • Crystal valley (lv 35+ required) - gain blue and purple spar here.
  • Cavern of Fear/ battlesoul dungeon (lv 40+ required) - gain battlesoul to upgrade skills
  • Flame altar (lv 43+ required) - exp dungeon for a party
  • Treasure Island / Silver (lv 45+ required) - gain silver here (both bound and unbound)

There is a Special training area, from the prisoner escort/fishing to the other end past other npcs, where you can use Training orders to gain extra exp from training for 5 mins per order (max orders ber day of any type is 6)

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